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DARK Sharp Castable Resin


PowerResins Dark has been developed specifically for direct casting of jewelry with high details. It provides perfect casting quality combined with very sharp printing abilities and easy to set stones. 

  • Very high precision and accuracy
  • Perfect printing properties with sharp details suitable for jewelry with micro-pave prongs, engraving, highly detailed figures or filigree
  • Easy to set stones directly on printed model before casting
  • Create lighter jewelry with perfect precision
  • Perfect 100% ash-free burnout for direct casting
  • Use of standard wax burnout cycle
  • No need for post-curing after printing

This special resin can be used for any type of DLP or LED curing 3d printer. It has fast curing properties depending on the 3d printer used.

  • Works with any type of DLP or LED/LCD 3d printer
  • Fast curing properties for fast printing
  • Very accurate printing properties also suitable for Solus 3d printer

*You may buy 250 g as a sample resin please check the weight section.