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The CORiTEC 250i and CORiTEC 250i dry machine systems are the most
widely used CAD/CAM systems for applications of zirconium dioxide, PMMA
or wax. Thanks to the 5-axis technology these machines can also produce
complex dentures with diverging stumps and undercut areas without further
rework. Therefore these systems are an ideal choice if a good price-performance
ratio but also avery high equipment fl exibility is of importance. The processing
of CAD/CAM blocks or premilled abutments is also possible by using the
respective adapter systems. By purchasing the CORiTEC 250i you obtain
a cost efficient but flexible and versatile milling machine at once.

  • Original price £39,950.00 - Original price £39,950.00
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    £39,950.00 - £39,950.00
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    CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO

    imes-icore GmbH
    In stock

    AUTOMATION IN THE SMALLEST SPACE The CORiTEC 250i Loader PRO sets new standards when it comes to application variety. The system shows its strengt...

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    Original price £39,950.00 - Original price £39,950.00
    Original price
    £39,950.00 - £39,950.00
    Current price £39,950.00

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