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New Age Digital Dental Practices​

DentaFab Sega 3D Printer combined with Powerresins broad portfolio of dental materials allow you to produce precise, fast and continuous solutions in many dental indications.

Discover new digital dental workflows!


Dental Model Applications

Regardless of brand and model, you can produce digital impressions that fit perfectly with all implants. High accuracy is required in prosthetic dental model impressions. The perfect combination of the Sega 3d printer and PowerResins Model resin provides you with an ideal production of scanning impressions.

Metal Crowns Production

Get the best casting quality with any investment!
According to scientific articles, metal infrastructures produced with a correct casting process are more successful in terms of porcelain compatibility than metal infrastructures produced with laser sintering.

Digital Dentures​

With digital planning, you can manufacture very efficiently denture base with much accuracy. This dental biocompatible 3d printing material is suitable for long term denture usage in patient’s mouth. It is easy to print, easy to post-process and safe for patients.

Digital Temporary Restorations

No more PMMA !
Temp resin is a Class IIa biocompatible durable resin for patient’s in-mouth use as temporary teeth. It is easily processed and cleanable material that is compatible with natural dental aesthetics. This resins comes in Light (A1, B1) and Medium (A2, A3) colour palettes.

Stability and Accuracy with Extreme Speed!

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