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Whitepeaks Sintec K

Whitepeaks Sintec K


Milled using an Imes 250i or 350i Loader Mill and then sintered in a Nabertherm LT 02.13 CR furnace, which uses Argon gas as a protective atmosphere during the sintering.

This process has given TTC higher accuracy and consistent of fit. Also the quality of the frameworks, or Full contour units produced, is higher. Sintec K frameworks are compatible with commonly used Metal Bonded porcelains, either using a bonding agent or opaque dentine wash as the first layer applied, prior to build up.


What we offer


  • Long Span capabilities – Span length of 14 Units possible
  • Advanced capabilities – Up to 4 Adjacent pontics on bridges in anterior section, within U/L 3-3 (2112).
  • Up to 2 Adjacent pontics between retainers on posterior bridges
  • Tensile Strength 864 MPa
  • Thermal coefficient of expansion: 14,26×10-6 K-1
  • Compatible with wide range of metal bonded porcelains
  • Accurate – Fantastic accuracy on fit due to CAD/CAM production techniques

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