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SwissCool 8000 Cooling Liquid (1L Container)



SWISSCOOL 8000 is a universal high-performance, water-miscible, mineral oil containing cutting fluid. Free from chlorine, boron and formaldehyde.

New performance additives provide outstanding wettability and optimum cooling and lubricating properties. Advantages

• Free from boron and formaldehyde mild formulation

• Excellent cutting performance above-average tool life Suitable for high-alloy steels and aluminium

• Water hardness forms stable and low-foam emulsions with preparation water from 5°dH to 30°dH

• Complies with current legislation meets the requirements of TRGS 611

• Good rinsing behaviour clean machine tools • Outstanding corrosion protection protects machines and parts

• Excellent biostability the selected formulation prevents uncontrolled biological growth, resulting in a long emulsion service life.

Field of application Suitable for drilling, turning and milling of aluminum alloys, titanium, difficult-to-machine steels and non-ferrous metals. Recommended concentration General machining 6-8% High - alloy materials 8-10% Shelf life/Storage conditions 12 months in a closed container at temperatures between 5°C and 40°C.