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Aidite Stain and Glaze Kit

by Aidite

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Revolutionising the aesthetic results and workflows when used with all types of ceramics including zirconia and glass ceramics as well as conventional ceramics. Developed by world class dental technicians for the fabrication of exceptional reproduceable aesthetics very simply, without segmental building of ceramics. The composition of 2D paste colours mimic the colours of natural teeth. Used alone or in combination with the 3D pastes, these can be used to adjust the morphology and surface texture. The Aesthetic Kit contains 2D paste colours, Shade A, Shade B, Shade C, Shade D, Blue 1, Blue 2, White, White-C, Brown, Terracotta, Black, Orange 1, Orange 2, Mauve, Yellow, Pink-R, Glaze F, 3D Pastes 3DN and 3DV, 2D Brush, 3D Brush, Colouring Liquid 1 for all 2D staining and Colouring Liquid 2 for all 3D pastes, plus 16 shade matcher.

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