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BCS Nicrallium N7

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The NICRALLIUM® N7 disc is a non-precious dental alloy, free of Nickel and Beryllium, based on Cobalt type 5, for metal-ceramic dental restorations.

The presence of molybdenum allows stability of the alloy at high temperature facilitating the bond with the ceramic.

It is also an implantable alloy for the manufacture of dental and orthopedic implants.

NICRALLIUM® is a registered trademark used by BCS.


The cutting of the elements must be carried out with tools adapted to the alloy.


Practice in a classic way with clean instruments in good condition. Sandblasting with 50u alumina using a non-recycled sandblaster is essential. The pressure will be 5 to 7kg, the part must have a uniform matte appearance. Cleaning can be done with a jet of steam (about 5kg) or 10 minutes with ultrasound in ethyl acetate or alcohol at 90°.

Remember to renew your bath.

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