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Biomic Stain Kit - Basic or Aesthetic

by Aidite
Kit Type

Biomic Stain/Glaze

Biomic Stain has the basic set and the aesthetic set, both of which contain 2D stain, 3D stain, coloring liquid, glaze brush, and shade matcher. The difference is that the aesthetic one has more different colorants.


2D stain: the viscosity of 2D stain is moderate. It can be evenly applied to any ceramic restoration surface, which is not easy to collapse and flow, making the product experience more ideal.


3D stain: the 3D stain has high plasticity and can be used to adjust the tooth shape or increase the contact point.


Coloring liquid: the coloring liquid 1 is used for all 2D stain to dilute. Coloring liquid 2 is used to adjust the 3D stain's viscosity without affecting the operating characteristics of the 3D stain.


Basic Kit - 

2D paste:Shade A,Shade B,Shade C,Shade D ,Blue 1,White,Glaze-F

Liquid  :Coloring Liquid 1,Coloring Liquid 2

3D paste:3DN   

Accessory products  :2D Brush,3D Brush,6 shade matcher

Aesthetic Kit - 

2D paste:Shade A,Shade B,Shade C,Shade D,Blue 1,Blue 2,White,White-c,, Brown,Terracotta,Black,Orange 1,Orange 2,Mauve,Yellow,Pink-R ,Glaze-F

Liquid  :Coloring Liquid 1,Coloring Liquid 2

3D paste:3DN  ,3DV

Accessory products  :2D Brush,3D Brush,16 shade matcher