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Exocad DentalDB Stand-Alone Bite Splint Module Initial Fee

by Exocad

Stand-Alone Module / DentalDB

Stand-alone DentalDB is available as Flex License only. It allows for low-cost capture of prescriptions, connection to shared database and/or dentalshare.

They can be deployed as native production center (send/receive), scan-and-send, receive and CAM, and with stand-alone modules.

Standalone modules are based on our Flex License. Stand-alone modules do not require the purchase of the DentalCAD

Core Version and can be run separately. For activating and running any stand-alone module, DentalDB is required. It is

possible to activate and run multiple stand-alone modules with one DentalDB license. It is not possible to run a DentalCAD dongle and a DentalDB dongle with a stand-alone module at the same time on the same PC.