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Kerox Zircostar 98mm HS White Discs

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  • Applications: PFZ substructures , crowns, copings, long span bridges
  • High flexural strength and low translucency
  • Opaqueness covers abutments perfectly

High Strength (HS) zirconia has optimal milling properties and is recom- mended for porcelain fused to zirconia framework restorations. The material accepts porcelain layering exceptionally well and its low trans- lucency perfectly covers abutments. It comes with an extremely high flexural strength (close to 1500 MPa) and higher fracture toughness for long span bridges and difficult jobs where additional strength is required


Radioactivity 15 Bq/ug
Flexural Strength* 1443 MPa
Fracture Toughness** 10,72 MPam1/2
CTE 10.3×10¯⁶×1⁰C
Glass transition temperature non under 1400 ⁰C
Chemical Solubility 5,4 g/cm²
Bulk Density 6,05 g/cm3
ZrO2+HfO2+Y2O3 99.8 %

Type II. Class 5(ISO 6872:2015)
*Highest value measured by FKG Lab Germany
**Measured Vickers Identation

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