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Merz M-PM 98.5mm Discs

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Biocompatible, Durable, Versatile, Aesthetic

Merz Dental PMMA Discs are industrially made of highly cross-linked filler and fibre free OMP-N® - Organic Modified Polymer-Network - precisely and highly compressed, fulfilling highest technical demands. Due to its high density the material offers excellent milling features even down to very thin wall thicknesses found in the veneering technique. Whether clear, gingival shaded, in 16 V-classic or 4 Bleach shades, M-PM® Discs from Merz Dental offer every technician numerous options and applications.


Safety ensures the M-PM® Disc during the pre-prosthetic and temporary restorations phase through tested biocompatibility with very minor parts of free methyl methacrylate of < 1%. Thanks to its shock absorption, OMP-N® is especially suitable during the healing time as initial restoration on immediate implants. Of further advantage is its plaque resistance and minimal water absorption for the soft tissue conditioning, so that the later permanent restoration is in harmony with the red-white aesthetic. A positive observational study of the University of Jena approves the wearing time of OMP-N® processed temporaries for up to 36 months.


No aesthetic compromises have to be made with the M-PM® Discs during the temporary and long-term restoration. Temporary crowns and bridges milled from translucent shaded M-PM®Discs adapt harmonically to the remaining teeth without any colour individualisation. The material allows a natural looking - chameleon effect like - light transmission and is therefore preventing aesthetical and psychosocial disabilities during the wearing and healing time for the patient.


Due to its PMMA-base the precisely milled OMP-N® parts can be added on and relined with any customary PMMA acrylic at any time. This is especially of advantage for the gingival shaded M-PM® Disc. Furthermore durable splints can be processed from the clear M-PM®Disc. As the clear acrylic does burn out fully, casting parts can also be processed.

Wide range of application thanks to

  • aesthetic translucency
  • exact fit
  • proven biocompatibility

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