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NextDent LC-3D Mixer

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Before pouring the resin in the resin tray, it is necessary to mix it before each use to obtain the best-possible chemical mixture in the bottle. The required method of mixing the resin is with the NextDent LC-3DMixer. This device is sold separately from the printer. With this mixer, you can roll two bottles at once for a specified period of time. For information on resin stirring times, please refer to the  resin Stirring and Curing Chart.


A Mixing Timer - Shows the duration of resin mixing
B Time Increase - Increases the duration of mixing
C Time Decrease - Decreases the duration of mixing
D Start/Stop Button - Starts and stops bottle mixing
E Bottle Rollers - Rest the material bottles in between each of the pairs of rollers (please see the image below)
F Power Button - Turns the mixer on and off
G Power Inlet - Plug the female end of the power cord into this inlet
H Device Label - Provides important information about the LC-3DMixer


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