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NextDent LC-3D PrintBox UV Post-Curing Unit

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Sold separately from the printer, this is the post-curing oven that is required for use with the NextDent 5100 Printer, as its resins' finished parts must qualify as medical devices. Please see the complete User Guide that comes packaged with the LC-3DPrint Box for full usage instructions. For information on resin stirring times, please refer to the Resin Stirring and Curing Chart.


A Power Button - Switches machine on/off
B Front Panel - Graphical User Interface for oven. This shows information about the lamps, the time left for curing, and error messages.
C Oven Lid - Insert a printed part through this top opening. The lid has a safety interlock that stops the oven when the lid is open.
D Lamp Status Indicators - These indicators will turn red when the UV lamp pair needs to be changed. See the oven's Instructions for Use for more information.
E Timer - Shows time remaining in curing cycle
F Increasing Button - Increases operation time
G Decreasing Button - Decreases operation time
H Program Button - Toggles between preset operation times of 10, 20, and 30 minutes
I Start/Stop Button - Starts and stops oven operation
J UV Lamp - The oven comes with six 18W, 71-color lamps and six 18W, 78-color lamps. See the oven's Instructions for Use for information on correct orientation of lamps.
K Glass Plate - Holds the printed part during curing

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