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Upcera A7+ Porcelain Furnace

by UpCera

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  • Double-layer metal protection around the chamber and Temperature compensation
  • Vacuum Technology
  • Error warning
  • II-Stage setting to meet specific sintering demands
  • Built-in Vacuum testing, cleaning, drying, and other maintenance procedures
  • One Year Stove Wire Warranty

Max Temperature                   1150°C

Heating Rate                           10~100°C

Constant Temp Time              00:30~30:00mins

Ultimate Vacuum Degree       <30mmhg

Waterproof Level                     Ipx1

Material                                    Zirconia

Chamber Available Sizes         85*55(mm)

Overall Size                              33*42*56(cm)

Voltage                                     220V/50Hz±10%

Maximum Input Voltage        1200w+350w

Weight                                     26.5kg

Fuse                                          Fuse 1: 3.0A           Fuse 2: 8.0A

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