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X-Mill 580DC 5-Axis Milling Machine


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5 Axis Dry Milling

A high-speed precision milling center for hard materials. It features a low center of gravity inherited from the zirconia horizontal machining structure, with material storage above the processing section to reduce its width footprint. 

With built-in mechanical arm for automatic loading and unloading, and a 12-piece storage capacity with automatic management system, it requires no human intervention. 

Equipped with a large-capacity tool magazine featuring tool life and redundancy management systems for intelligent tool switching.

The high-power spindle can handle tough materials like zirconia, ultra-hard resin, and PEEK.

Customisable machining queue management function allows you to create personalised lists.

Integrated with X-Mill Monitor platform for remote monitoring and control.


CAM Software, C-clamp, Coolant Pump, Air hose, Compression fittings for air hose, Coolant hose, Power cable


X-Mill  580DC Milling Machine



Net weight


Input voltage

Single phase AC 220V

Spindle power


Axis quantity


Milling range

  XYZ: 160/110/100mm ,A:±30°  B:360°

Milling mode

 Dry milling

Max speed  

60,000 rpm

Max feeding speed

  XYZ: 6000 mm/min

Bur capacity


Bur changing 



  Water cooling


Zirconia, wax, PMMA, PEEK, soft metal

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