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Xtcera 500 Plus 5-AXIS Milling Machine


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X-mill 500

5 Axis Dry milling for Zirconia, PMMA & Wax.

C-Clamp included with custom strategies for full arch facial milling!
The X-mill 500 from Xtcera features Sturdy Construction for consistent accuracy and performance, day in and day out.

Included with Hyperdent CAM Software, the customised milling Strategies let you get the detail you need at the speed you want. Production and performance together with incredible features like 5-Axis Simultaneous Processing, 90º Full Arch Facial Milling and Auto Calibration make this mill the perfect solution for any laboratory.

More powerful than you can imagine.

C-clamp, Coolant Pump, Air hose, Compression fittings for air hose, Coolant hose, Power cable, spindle chiller 



hyperDENT® Compact was designed for use in dental labs and can be utilized on all open milling machines. The simplified user interface with a managed workflow provides real added value for high-end newcomers and those who wish to become quickly familiar with CAM. Provided databases allow fast, secure, efficient and precise milling. With the exception of one-piece abutments and bridge constructions, all indications can be manufactured using hyperDENT® Compact. Within no time, users will achieve optimal results to match their requirement



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