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CanalPro Jeni - Digital Assistance System for Canal Preparation!

Would you like to be navigated during root canal preparation? Then reserve your driver's seat!

Jeni - Ready - Go!

The new CanalProTM Jeni endomotor, named after its developer Prof. Dr. Eugenio Pedullà, has a digital assistance system for root canal preparation. It automatically finds its way through the root canal and thus guides the mechanical and chemical preparation step by step.

The user can work from coronal to apical with light pressure and the motor decides independently on the course of the movement. The rotary motion and speed are continuously controlled based on current intensity and torque. At the same time, an integrated length measurement is available.

Four File Systems

Four NiTi file systems are specifically programmed for use with the Jeni mode (HyFlex CM, HyFlex EDM, MicroMega One Curve, MicroMega 2Shape). The modern CanalPro Jeni assistance system thus expertly supports the clinician competently during the entire preparation of the canal.

Jeni Mode

The Jeni assistance system uses complex algorithms that control the variable file movements at millisecond intervals.

They constantly regulate the rotary movements as well as the speeds via feedback of current intensity, torque and file stress.

Acoustic Signal

Irrigation with aplomb! Irrigation is a key success factor in endodontic treatment.

Jeni gives you an acoustic signal when irrigation is required.

Road Map or Navigation System

Can you imagine today, while driving into an unknown city, to search for your desired destination with a road map? Probably not! We rely on driving and navigation systems that guide us safely and stress-free to our destination.

Wouldn't an autopilot function also be practical for the challenging endo treatment? A system which navigates you safely and quickly to the finished canal treatment?

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