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Vinyl UXD

Vinyl UXD

An additional member was added to the Vinyl series in 2022, the Vinyl UXD. Two high-resolution cameras and an advanced 3D sensor contribute to optimal data acquisition. The user has the option to choose between four modes, which allows the number of cameras as well as their resolution to be defined. This offers the great advantage of creating a high-resolution data set with full scan coverage or a reduced data set to save time, depending on what is required.

The UX module, consisting of two additional cameras and a projector, provides a new level of user experience. To select a workflow element or to start the scan, icons are projected onto the system plate and can be activated by hand gestures, almost autonomously from the PC.
The user can freely determine the scanning sequence as accustomed: upper jaw, lower jaw, articulator or other objects can be inserted depending on the selection. By monitoring the interior space, the Vinyl UXD employs AI-controlled Z-axis positioning to automatically align objects in height, thus guaranteeing the best possible scanning results.

Stumps to be exposed with secondDie and singleDie, are illuminated by the projector on the model inside the device. The model and object holder can therefore remain in the scanner, eliminating the timeconsuming process of checking which teeth need to be removed. In the 2D scan, the illuminations display the correct color indication of the reconstruction types from exocad DentalCAD®. For other work processes, assistances are also projected onto the system or universal plate. The incorrect insertion of articulators or impressions can thus be ruled out.

Thanks to the enlarged system plate of the Vinyl UXD, larger articulators can also be easily placed inside the scanner. All these mentioned features enormously facilitate work, as potential sources of mistakes are minimized. The Vinyl UXD – A scanner in a class of its own!

The Vinyl series

The compact design with the distinctive cube shape is a characteristic feature of smart optics Vinyl scanners. The series owes its name to the large black system plate, strikingly reminiscent of a turntable. Equipped with a fully automatic Z-axis and a user-friendly 180° opening, the dental desktop scanners provide convenient space for all dental objects, from individual segments through jaw models, full and partial impressions (also of toothless jaws) up to articulators of various brands.

Highest quality combined with German engineering, reliability in harmony with longevity – these are the requirements that smart optics accomplishes with the Vinyl Series. Tried and tested LED sensor technology and smart motorization allow high-precision, fast measurements. Technical innovations from our own research as well as the implementation of customer requests ensure that the Vinyl Series evolves constantly to meet the growing demands both of today and the future.

An extensive range of accessories for models and impressions can be added or purchased later for both basic and additional modules. Thanks to the multisplit base plate, which is standard for all smart optics dental scanners, same-system models and articulators do not require any accessories.
It goes without saying that all Vinyl scanners are supplied with the powerful dental Scan software – including interfaces to prestigious industry software, first and foremost exocad DentalCAD. In conjunction with the open dental Scan system, Vinyl scanners offer another advantage by working not only as first-class dental scanners, but also as clever universal scanners for objects within the size of their measuring field.

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